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Featuring DC-Digital clocks, digital timers, led message centers, countdown clocks, signs, and scoreboards

Industrial Electronic Service, Ltd, (IES, Ltd) is a manufacturer and distributor of digital clocks, digital displays, master clock software, master clock systems, digital timers, counters, electronic message centers, scoreboards, and video products. We have been manufacturing quality LED clock displays and systems for over 10 years.

Master Clocks

EZ-Time Master Clock Software, that simply, and seamlessly displays up to 255 schedules for class change bells or tones. EZ-Time is a user friendly LED clock alternative to the out dated wall type master clocks. 

Electronic Message Centers

Indoor LED electronic message centers notify employees, and customers of real time data and current specials. Indoor electronic signs have become an important vehicle for communications for all industries. For example: factories, production lines, point of sale, theaters, and store fronts.

Outdoor electronic signs, and message centers are more in demand, to meet notification and advertisement demands than ever before! Since the invention of the light bulb, outdoor and indoor signs and the LED countdown clock have grown into a huge advertisement and notification medium for commercial businesses and industrial facilities, schools, stadiums, and arenas. 

LED's, (light emitting diodes) have replaced incandescent lights, (light bulbs) in digital message centers, digital timers, digital clocks and now Video products. LED's require less power, have greater longevity, better viewing quality, and viewing angles. LED clocks have become, "Standard of the industry", and have proven to be a reliable and worthy proponent for our industry.

If you have a need for a unique or standard LED product, custom display, timer, counter, clock, scoreboard or sign, please give us a call. We will be happy to assist you in any way possible. All DC-Digital Products, come standard with a 5 year warranty. Indoor and outdoor message centers come with a 1 year warranty. We offer onsite maintenance contracts, warranty service and overnight shipment of parts as required.



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